Rank Tracking Guide

The Usefulness Of Google Rank Tracking API And Why You Need It


If you are running an SEO business, or perhaps, you are an owner of an SEO tools website, then, one of the most important element of the service you are providing to your customers is the capability of tracking as well as reporting to them the Google ranking of their particular keywords. Naturally, you always have the option of carrying out a manual Google search and you will only need to sort through the given results in order for you to determine the ranking of your client's website on the Google Search Engine Result Pages. On the other hand, this can be a very laborious task and it seems that not a lot of people are fond of performing this task. And this is the reason as to why a Google rank tracking API can be very useful to you.


By having access on a Google keyword ranking api, you will be able to embed ranking data intended for websites as well as keywords in your certain applications as well as in your website and also offer all your customers with the crucial performance indicators they are looking for. With a Google SERP checker API, you will be able to obtain insights that you require in order for you to refine and advance your SEO campaigns so optimum results can be acquired.


The demand for precise SEO data that is also up-to-date is practically limitless. Every SEO agency in the world in the present day must monitor the efficiency of their own SEO campaigns, affiliate marketers must have the capability of tracking the position of their websites, e-commerce websites must keep an eye on the position of their products as well as also monitor the position of their closest competitor's products. And this only means, anybody with a presence on the web intend to determine the ranking of their respective sites in not just Google, but also in other recognized search engines.


Perhaps, you are asking yourself, what is an API? In this specific situation, the API is regarded to be a part of third-party code which a website or an application can forward perimeters to and acquire data from. For instance, a google serp api will obtain the keywords that are keyed in on a certain website and then, will return the present Google ranking for the keyword or keywords used.